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  Sebring Mechanical Design, Inc.


Project:  Design and manufacture prototype non-magnetic chair for neurological imaging
Client:XRE Corporation and General Electric

This non-magnetic patient imaging chair, designed and manufactured by Sebring Design, supports a patient and positions the head in a Dewar while a magnetic source imaging sensor array scans the brain.

The specialized medical imaging application imposed unique design requirements. The chair is constructed entirely of non-magnetic materials to minimize interference with the source imaging. Furthermore, the construction uses only non-metallic materials, with the exception of the bottom eight inches. The chair adjusts vertically and longitudinally using a hydraulically driven lift and has an emergency lowering feature.

Design was completed using Bentley MicroStation Modeler and two prototypes were manufactured. We provided all CAD model and drawing files, materials bills, and a user manual with the prototypes.

Design features:

  • Brass/titanium hydraulic cylinder mounted horizontally near floor level
  • All-aluminum weldments
  • Spectra® ropes routed through a series of sheaves for vertical lift
  • Carbon fiber headrest designed to be extremely stiff yet very thin near the head, providing support without obstructing entry into the imaging Dewar
  • Totally composite chair construction including headrest and adjustable armrests

Project Portfolio

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Front view of non-magnetic imaging chair
Photos of finished prototype
non-magnetic imaging chair