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  Sebring Mechanical Design, Inc.


Project:  Design a support structure for mounting x-ray subsystems onto C-arm
Client:Stereotaxis, Inc.

The second generation Magnetic Stereotaxis System is a bi-plane x-ray imaging table system. Interventional workstations by Stereotaxis magnetically position a diagnostic device in the brain by remotely directing and digitally controlling the catheter through the body in three dimensions.

Sebring Design worked on several aspects of the system design, including a support structure that enables Stereotaxis to mount their x-ray subsystems onto a Trex C-arm. Project scope included design of all sub-structures and their drive systems, an x-ray collimator, x-ray magnetic shielding, patient collision sensing, and a carbon fiber patient support tabletop. Sebring Design delivered CAD models and drawing files and worked with manufacturers for piece part procurement.

A major requirement for the support structure was that the imaging receptor support arms be very small to clear both the magnet and the patient. At the same time, the support arms needed to maintain alignment and stiffness and all of the motor drives had to fit within the width of the existing C-arm. The shape of the image support arms was critical and SolidWorks variational geometry was a key factor in optimizing the required positions.

Project Portfolio

Mesa CV special procedures table
Pivot system for x-ray arm
Telescope mirror mount
X-ray support for C-Arm
Non-magnetic imaging chair
Antenna mast
Reed blade grinder
Mobile C-arm redesign
Tablet coating machine

CAD model of mounting system on x-ray C-arm
Solid model of mounting system showing imaging receptor and support arms
Trex C-arm with Sebring Design support structure partially assembled Completed Stereotaxis x-ray imaging system and patient table
Partially assembled imaging system
The Stereotaxis x-ray imaging system and patient table