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Project:  Manufacture prototype sharpening system for blades used to cut oboe reeds

In order to cut oboe reeds to an exacting profile, musicians use precisely shaped tool steel blades. The blades must be sharpened frequently without altering their profile or angle.

A Boston Symphony Orchestra musician contracted Sebring Design to manufacture a prototype blade sharpener that uses a standard commercial grinding wheel. The main challenge was to build a device that clamps the blade firmly and enables precise position adjustments against the grinding wheel during sharpening.

The prototype was designed in SolidWorks and all components were machined in house. The grinding device profiles various width and thickness tool steel blades with repeatable results.

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Steel blades used to cut oboe reeds
Blades used to cut oboe reeds

Prototype blade grinder designed and manufactured by Sebring Design
Prototype sharpener with reed blade in clamp