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  Sebring Mechanical Design, Inc.


Project:  Design a pivot and latching system for x-ray scanner arm. Manufacture a prototype and conduct reliability testing.
Client:GE Lunar Corporation

GE Lunar contracted Sebring Design to design a pivoting arm for the DEXA scanner. DEXA is an ultracompact x-ray scanner featuring fast installation in limited office space. The "swing arm" retrofits to the existing fixed system and enables medical staff to rotate the upper scan arm out of the way while positioning a patient on the scanning table.

Sebring Design offered a simple solution with minimal moving parts based on a bearing that rotates the arm 90 degrees. A latching system locks the arm accurately in the 0 and 90 degree positions and ensures alignment of source and detector at the home position.

Sebring Design conducted reliability testing to cycle the swing arm through more than than 30,000 uses. As part of the "life test," we measured the load-bearing capability and position accuracy. In addition, we inspected for evidence of bearing wear and abuse to the locking system and internal cabling.

Project Portfolio

Mesa CV special procedures table
Pivot system for x-ray arm
Telescope mirror mount
X-ray support for C-Arm
Non-magnetic imaging chair
Antenna mast
Reed blade grinder
Mobile C-arm redesign
Tablet coating machine

Pivot arm on x-ray scanner
Latch locks pivot arm into position
Pivot arm bearing providing 90º rotation
Close-up of latching assembly
Pivot arm assembly undergoing 30,000 cycles for reliability testing
Life testing the pivot arm through 30,000 cycles