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  Sebring Mechanical Design, Inc.


Project: Redesign and manufacture lift arm and brake systems for mobile orthopedic C-arm
Client:Lunar Corporation (now GE Lunar)

Lunar Corporation created a compact, mobile orthopedic x-ray system (ORCA) for use in operating rooms. After identifiying a need for increased stiffness and position-holding capability in the C-arm, Lunar contracted Sebring Design to redesign the lift arm and brake systems to meet the new specifications.

Lunar had completed an initial production run before changing the specifications. As a result, a challenge in this project was to incorporate as many as possible of the existing components into the new design.

Sebring Design performed diagnostic life tests on the C-arm motions to identify specific targets for redesign. All new components were modeled in SolidWorks. We redesigned the brakes for lift, vertical pivot, horizontal pivot, and C-rotation. After manufacturing and installing a retrofit lift arm and brakes, we performed final life tests and the improved assembly passed successfully.

Project Portfolio

Mesa CV special procedures table
Pivot system for x-ray arm
Telescope mirror mount
X-ray support for C-Arm
Non-magnetic imaging chair
Antenna mast
Reed blade grinder
Mobile C-arm redesign
Tablet coating machine

Life testing the Lunar ORCA C-arm through 100,000 cycles
Life testing the Lunar ORCA C-arm through 100,000 cycles of each motion