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  Sebring Mechanical Design, Inc.


Project: Design and manufacture mobile antenna masts
Client:Integrity Design and Test Services, Inc.
(now Entela Boston International Testing and Product Certification Services)
Four meter mast designed and manufactured by Sebring Design for electronic testing
Mast with with antenna carriage retracted to low position

Integrity Design and Test Services, a provider of electronic testing services, requested a mobile mast and antenna mounting system. The purpose of the mast is to support the antenna and provide motorized adjustments vertically and rotationally for measuring EMI/RF emittance.

The overall masts are four meters tall. A motor in the base of each mast controls the antenna height and an air-driven rotator varies the antenna's polarity.

We designed and manufactured several masts, which have been in daily use since 1995 with few repairs. Strategic use of stainless steel and plastic materials minimizes the amount of metal near the antenna and withstands an outdoor environment.

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