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  Sebring Mechanical Design, Inc.


Project:  Design a patient table for fluoroscopic imaging and special procedures
Client: Grady Research, Inc.

The Mesa CV provides head-to-foot coverage with mobile or fixed-base C-arm fluoroscopic imaging systems. The table was designed to provide the longest travel and the highest patient weight rating available.

The Mesa CV features a carbon fiber table top for low x-ray absorption, longitudinal and transverse travel for full head-to-foot imaging, motorized vertical lift, and 500 lbs (227 kg) patient weight capacity.

Project Portfolio

Mesa CV special procedures table
Pivot system for x-ray arm
Telescope mirror mount
X-ray support for C-Arm
Non-magnetic imaging chair
Antenna mast
Reed blade grinder
Mobile C-arm redesign
Tablet coating machine

Based on concepts developed by Grady Research, Inc., the table design includes the following attributes:

  • Narrow base allowing greater cross-travel
  • Enhanced stiffness under high patient weight
  • Integrated battery backup for table brakes and motorized lift

Sebring Design provided all production drawings, assembly drawings, and BOMs.

Mesa CV Special Procedures Table
The Mesa CV Special Procedures Table