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  Sebring Mechanical Design, Inc.


Project: Upgrade design of tablet coating machine
Client:Bates Finishing Supply, Inc.

Bates Finishing Supply contracted Sebring Design to upgrade the design of a machine that tumbles pharmaceutical tablets in a container while applying two coatings, a sugar solution and a colorant. Bates is a supplier of dispensing equipment for the finishing industry.

The upgrade involved standardizing the pump assemblies into modules. The objective was to simplify manufacture, reduce cost, and make it easier to replace a failed pump with a spare module. Module components include high-pressure solution pumps, spray heads mounted on a boom, and sanitary connections.

Materials were selected for conformance to FDA requirements. Sebring Design provided assembly drawings, bill of materials, and piece-part working designs for each configuration.

Project Portfolio

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  CAD model of tablet coating machine
3-D CAD model of tablet coating machine
Closeup view of CAD model (316 KB)
Photo of finished tablet coating machine
Photo of tablet coating machine manufactured by Bates Finishing, Inc.
Closeup photo showing relative size of module (229 KB)