Joan Wotkowicz - Technical Communication


White Papers

I have written several white papers promoting a product by explaining the technology or science to potential customers. These projects usually require that I understand and simplify very technical information. In addition to the projects featured here, I recently completed a white paper on Analytical Instrument Compliance for a leading manufacturer of chromatography and other laboratory systems.

Automotive Cameras for Safety and Convenience Applications
SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc.

SMaL Camera made image sensor technology based on CMOS architecture. This paper described intelligent safety systems for motor vehicles using remote sensors and identified applications for using digital cameras.

Download (24 pages - PDF 409 KB)

Internet and Intranet Calling with PVX™
Polycom, Inc.

Technically an application note, this paper provided network configuration instructions for Polycom's video conferencing application for PCs.

Download (20 pages - PDF 304 KB)

CentraNow Security
Centra Software

This paper addressed security questions from clients of Centra's online collaboration services. It deals with topics such as protection of servers, networks, personal information, and shared content.

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