Joan Wotkowicz - Technical Communication


Web Pages

I have developed web pages for professional clients, for non-profit organizations, and for fun. I prefer to use Dreamweaver but have also created sites using Homesite or by writing directly in HTML. Web development also lets me dabble in graphic design.

Sebring Design, Inc.

A portfolio of the consultant's capabilities in mechanical design engineering and prototype manufacturing for the medical imaging device industry.

Image from Sebring Design home page showing pivot system for X-ray arm
Sebring Design, Inc.
Pivot system for X-ray arm

Nashua River Watershed Association

The NRWA works for a healthy ecosystem in central Massachusetts with clean water and open spaces. This 100+ page web site serves as a resource for members and other environmentalists.

Photos of the Nashua River in the 1960s and 1980s from the NRWA home page
Comparing the Nashua River in the 1960s and 1980s

Septa Corporation

A concise resource on medical imaging collimators for Septa's customers in the nuclear medicine industry.