Joan Wotkowicz - Technical Communication


Scientific Writing

Explaining complex information, whether to an audience of scientific peers or to the general public, is the heart of writing for me. One of my long-term goals is to merge my background in analytical chemistry with my technical writing skills.

Wide Dynamic Range for Automotive Machine Vision

SMaL Camera Technologies, Inc.

This technical white paper defines wide dynamic range in image sensors and demonstrates how SMaL's pixel technology provides superior performance. Internal engineering and MIT masters thesis papers provided source materials. Because of proprietary information, no sample is available.

Figure from Autobrite Imaging Technology white paper showing the charges in a photodiode during pixel reset

Figure from Autobrite paper: Pixel reset

Analytical Chemistry Papers

While employed at Nova and Raytheon, I wote numerous test procedures and published internal scientific reports communicating developments in analytical testing. The following list gives the titles of a few examples:

  • "Calculation of Silicone Oil Content in Polystyrene from Neutron Activation Data"
  • "Silicone Oil Migration Testing for Kodak" (co-authored with Steve Graham)
  • "Mineral Oil and Oligomer Analysis by Hewlett-Packard Gas Chromatograph"
  • "Determination of Grafted Copolymer in Pre-Polymerized Polystyrene"