Joan Wotkowicz - Technical Communication


User Manuals

Many of my project deliverables provide instructional or procedural information for end users of a software or hardware product. In addition to user manuals, I have delivered administrator guides, quick reference cards, and other printed documentation.

SecureFLIGHT Administrator's Guide

Figure from the SecureFLIGHT Administrator's Guide showing how to disconnect the proximity sensor in the screening tower
Disconnecting the Proximity Sensor: an illustration from the SecureFLIGHT Administrator's Guide

SecureFLIGHT was Viisage's passenger screening system for airports, using an innovative tower to capture live video and face recognition technology to compare passenger images against images in a database. The administrator's guide provided instructions for installing, operating, servicing, and troubleshooting the hardware and software. Detailed diagrams and photographs illustrated critical steps in procedures.

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(9 page chapter - PDF 300 KB)

Centra 99 Agenda Builder Guide

Agenda Builder was a tool for creating and assembling content for live online presentations using Centra's collaboration software. I worked on Agenda Builder as part of a larger Centra 99 book developed by a team of three writers.

(70 page chapter - PDF 1.7 MB)

Mesa CV™ Special Procedures Table
Installation and Service Manual

A reference for service personnel charged with installing and maintaining the patient table in a hospital environment.