Joan Wotkowicz - Technical Communication


Analytical Chemistry Employment

My laboratory experience spans 15 years in polymer research and development, materials analysis, and quality control testing.

Nova Chemicals, Inc.
Leominster, MA (1986-1997)
Analytical Chemist in research and development laboratory

  • Specialized in polymer identification and characterization using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), gas chromatography (GC), gel permeation chromatography (GPC), photomicrography, and other techniques
  • Coordinated qualitative and quantitative testing with comprehensive data analysis to arrive at solutions for production problems such as materials contamination
  • Systematically developed new test procedures using experimental design and statistical data analysis
  • Collaborated with customer service specialists, research chemists, universities, contract laboratories, and external customers
  • Communicated project results through technical reports and company-wide presentations
  • Helped to develop a highly customer-oriented lab through an understandable guide to analytical services, comprehensive accuracy and precision statements, lab management system for tracking test requests, and consistent templates for reporting results

Raytheon Company
Waltham, MA (1983-1986)
Chemist and Supervisor of Materials Laboratory

  • Conducted quality assurance testing and prepared reports per ASTM and military specifications
  • Improved quality of laboratory documentation by writing or revising all test procedures
  • Acquired new capital equipment by preparing proposals, obtaining quotes, coordinating purchase, and overseeing installation